We solve environmental problems, designing, developing and implementing specific measures or treatments that fit the needs and objectives of the client, always focused on sustainability and the circular economy.

Our solutions provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that ranges from environmental consulting to detailed engineering, on-site support and/or implementation for different sectors:


We developed

  • Studies of soil quality
  • Surface and groundwater quality studies
  • Characterization, design of alternatives or optimization on mining, industrial or domestic effluents
  • Biogeochemical studies
  • Design, research and execution in the recovery of degraded/contaminated areas
  • Design of green-technologies adjusted to each problem
  • Design and production of customised soils/substrates
  • Characterisation, evaluation and recovery of waste
  • Environmental and ecotoxicological risk analysis
  • Consulting for the optimization of industrial processes
  • Balance and carbon footprint
  • Comprehensive vegetation/forestation plans
  • Evaluation of plant quality by remote sensing
  • Integral information gathering for studies through remote sensing with UAV's
  • Comprehensive crop and plantation advice
  • Agronomic analyses (water-soil-plant)
  • Analysis and evaluation of microbial quality in soils
  • Design of urban green areas
  • Design and manufacture of fertilizers and amendments

Strategy, design, formulation, production and implementation