Inproyen Consulting exhibited the fruit of its research at the Congress and Fair designated "Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies, Integrated Waste Management and Waste Financing", held on 29 and 30 November 2018 under the organisation of the National Environment Fund (FONAM). At the event there was a whole discussion and dissemination of ideas, in which the participants of the event were introduced to and explained countless exclusive methods; Inproyen, for its part, at the stand divulged the services it provides, showed cases of environmental recovery that are being developed in Peru through the use of Technosols and its derivatives, as well as presenting concepts such as "techno-leaching" or "techno-walls", the result of its eco-efficient research and development that left no one indifferent. In addition, he graciously presented small plants that grow in "custom-made soils".

Those attending the Fair, from different companies and sectors, from the oil industry to the fishing industry, were interested in the capacity for integration and adaptation of the different waste we use in our technologies. They also explained the way and manner in which they are sustainable methods, which are integrated into natural cycles without contaminating them and which promote efficient mechanisms for slowing down climate change by promoting integrated management of solid waste, which brings with it a model of circular economy and the strengthening of socio-environmental responsibility.