Inproyen participates in XII CONAMIN

Inproyen Consulting participated with the presentation of two scientific papers in the Environment and Sustainable Development section of the 12th National Mining Congress, held from 20th to 23rd August 2018 in the city of Lima (Peru), organised by the Peruvian Association of Engineers.

At the congress, Inproyen made an oral presentation of two papers developed jointly with Minera La Zanja, Buenaventura, Amphos21 Peru and the University of Aveiro, entitled: "Effect of the cover on the chemical quality of leachates generated from materials with sulphides" and "Improved soils from RRSS for the recovery of areas affected by mining". Both projects are of great impact in order to know the behaviour of materials rich in metallic sulphides in mining operations and their treatment evaluations that bring a great impact on the mining sector.