Inproyen Consulting participated in the Ibero-American Congress of Chemistry, held from 16 to 19 October in the city of Lima (Peru), organised by the Latin American Federation of Chemical Associations.

At the congress, Inproyen presented the work entitled "Improvement of the chemical quality of mine waste leachates using waste water"; a project which was carried out jointly by Minera La Zanja, Buenaventura, as well as collaborating companies and the University of Aveiro (Portugal). The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of the application of domestic waste water (DWW) on the chemical characteristics of the leachates generated in mining waste rich in potentially hazardous elements. Thus improving two important points which are the minimisation of acid drainage and the use of a waste within the components themselves, one of the very advantageous solutions for the control of the elements in the mining operation phases.