Inproyen Group

We are an international business group of environmental technical-scientific consultancy and development of green technologies. We promote research, development, implementation and monitoring of projects with a common goal, valuing and researching all kinds of ideas for different sectors aimed at an economic-environmental-social exploitation.

We are characterized by our unique, integral and multidisciplinary approach to research, projects and trials in which different areas of knowledge are interrelated: pedology, biogeochemistry, hydrology, engineering, ecology, environmental chemistry, among others, with a high technical and scientific quality of our team, which is the result of the interaction and participation of professionals and researchers from different international universities.

Inproyen offers innovative ideas for cases of a diverse nature, developing sustainable alternatives based on the use of green technologies and our own methods, promoting the model of a circular economy in which the final product or service has an added value.


Seek economic, environmental and social balance in each project, optimizing processes, managing resources in an integrated manner, reducing costs, recovering degraded areas and minimizing carbon emissions.

Our experience and knowledge, allows us to improve the environmental situation in which we live today.


Inproyen is committed to consolidating its position as a leader in technical-scientific and strategic environmental consultancy at an international level, as well as a leader in the production and commercialisation of differentiated products; having as our seal the quality of services/products and distinguishing ourselves by the satisfaction of our clients, collaborators, workers and partners.

This group aims to provide its customers with a service of excellent quality and ethics, which exceeds their expectations and provides them with added value.

We have an experienced and dynamic team made up of a wide variety of professionals from different areas: biologists, pedologists, environmentalists, civilians, foresters, agronomists, geographers, miners, chemists and architects, among others, which gives our services an integral, multidisciplinary and innovative vision to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We are constantly in search of creative ideas to enhance our projects and services, so we are open to establish new partnerships and include new professionals to our team. Any interest can be communicated through the Contact Us section.